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September 29th, 2016    

Episode 60: Bro, your datamind

(I thought that I published this episode early last week. Ooops!) In this episode, Boomy is back to talk about the Story God, Chris Metzin, retiring from Blizzard. Also, Boomy goes into what should happen to those who do datamine content information, when they have signed a NDA.


September 1st, 2016    

Episode 59: Legion With Me Baby!

In this episode, which is a bit different than the master's normal script. Which, let's be honest, no one is really sure what it is Boomy is talking about. In this episode Boomy talks about his thoughts on Legion so far, launch event, and where he hopes Legion will go in terms of people coming back to play. Also, Egg Plants!


August 25th, 2016    

Episode 58: Put that catchup on me!

In this episode, Boomy talks about his time in WoW and SWTOR. Fun times in SWTOR PvP and mad leveling his alts in WoW. Today Boomy talks about how important "catchup mechanics" are to a game, and how it is healthy for people to be involved with them! 


August 2nd, 2016    

Episode 57: Big Pond, Little Fish

My friends, the Master is back! In this episode Boomy talks about falling in-love with World of Warcraft again. He also discusses how the bulk of our community spend more time in small streams than they do in the larger ones that showcase the games we love and how the gaming companies need to not only focus on the larger streamers and content creators; but also those who have less of a spotlight shown on them but have their finger on the larger pulse of the community.


July 18th, 2016    

Episode 56: The Sound of Silence

The Dark Lord has returned! One this episode, Boomy discusses the loop-holes of Blizzards new Silence Penilty that is coming in the Pre-expansion patch for World of Warcraft. He also offers some advice that might offend some people, but will make life easier for those affected by asshats in-game.


June 27th, 2016    

Episode 55: Dark Side Puppies!

My friends, the Master has returned! He is sad that it has taken so long to produce this episode, but have no fear his strangeness has not changed! Today we talk about the Darkside and Lightside event in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Also, this and that. And, Beatrice...yes, Beatrice!


May 16th, 2016    

Episode 54: A Three Way

In this episode the Master ask's the question: How can SWTOR become king? He gives his opinion on how the story-based MMO can easily monopolize the MMO market and become the new king. But, will they do it?  


April 25th, 2016    

Episode 53: Back, Alive, and Ready To Go!

That's right! Our lord and Master has returned after taking some time off to work on his stream! ;) On this episode Boomy talks about his decision to continue the radio show. He also get's into what he's been up to for over a month and delves into what he see's is a dark omen for WoW hanging over our heads. Boomy also asks the question: How did Lassie know how to communicate that Timmy was in the well?


March 14th, 2016    

Episode 52: Circle the Wagons

On this episode, Boomy talks about how as a community we need to circle the wagons around those within our gaming, youtube, streaming and podcasting family; that are hurting and in need of help. 


March 7th, 2016    

Episode 51: Growing a Stream

In this episode, our Master discusses some of the issues he has seen with smaller Twitch streamers who can't seem to grow. He offers his advice that he has learned from his years of Podcasting, Entertainment, and his short time streaming. Also, he loves wow again! 


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